Report for July 17 to July 19

Absolutely amazing fishing for the Clark Fork River in the St. Regis area now. For the last few days the dry fly fishing has been spectacular using small golden stones, Purple haze size 10, Royal Wulffs 12 and foam hoppers. Caddis are coming out in the later afternoon and evening hours to end a perfect day with anxious hungry feeding trout. The water is very clear now and there has been a cooling trend in the daily temperatures to make the days perfect and the evenings cool.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA20140706_17380620140718_12273720140718_132210OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Fishing Report for Clark Fork River July 8, 2014

Wow- What a surprise. The river is on fire and they are feeding on nearly any fly presented to them.
The river is down to 13.400 cfs which makes it ideal for this time of summer.

first Cutthroat of the Year

first Cutthroat of the Year

During the day they will take size 12 prince nymphs beaded or unbeaded. Add an additional dropper with a pink San Juan Worm and you will take even more fish. In the late evening hour when the sun starts to shadow the water, caddis flies emerge in abundance and the fish start feeding with abandon. You can almost catch a fish with each cast for a short period. Use elk hair and bloom’s caddis imitations. They will also hit size 12 and 14 Pmd’s. A size 12 royal wulff works well in the latest hour. You can see the white wings better!! So far I am finding that the fish are in greater numbers and are larger in size than last year at this time. The Clark Fork just gets better each year and not many know about this marvelous river. We are waiting for you to call us to take advantage of this super special time of great weather and great fishing. We have room for you now at the lodge as well as guided trips. Enjoy your summer- Donn Dale

Clark Fork River Outfitters Fishing Report

Today I sadly report that the river has swollen, risen and clouded up due to an overnight rain which is still coming down. However, the first float from St. Regis yesterday was a pleasant surprise with several trout caught in a 4 hour session in the evening hours. I will keep you posted when the river once again is fishing well. Stay dry! Donn Dale

first Cutthroat of the Year

first Cutthroat of the Year

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Father’s Day With My Daughter on the Clark Fork River

Father’s Day turned out to be a very special day for Donn Dale and his daughter Lisa. Lisa was taught by her dad and brother from a young age to fly fish on the Clark Fork River near St. Regis, Montana and today she caught 5 nice trout floating the Lower Clark Fork in a McKenzie boat with her dad on the oars. The trout were feeding on Pmd’s and gray drakes in cold windy weather in high turbid brown water. We were forced to resort to Black wooley buggers because of the wind. Surprisingly we started catching fish inspite of the adverse conditions and the day was turned out to be a complete success. Air temperature was 54 degrees fahrenheit and the water was 54 degrees fahrenheit as well. At he end of the day as we were floating to the lodge we observed fish feeding close to the shore on Pmd’s and size 16 Gray Drakes. The Clark Fork in this section is excellent fishing now. Donn Dale


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Clark Fork River Outfitters River Report


As most of you know I live on the river and I can make immediate observations of river conditions and hatches is they happen. The river has dropped to 24000 cfs and I see that there are rocks appearing through the water which means it is clearing rapidly. It is possible now to catch fish on the shorelines in the shallow water. Fish have been feeding in front of the lodge sporadically for yellow sallies and caddis about 15 ft from shore. Water temperature is now 55 degrees fahrenheit which is ideal for trout feeding. If the river continues to drop in spite of the rain it will be at 15000 cfs in ten days and the fishing should be superb. There will be pale morning duns and yellow sallies during the day, caddis in the evenings, and gray drakes all day long that fish will be feeding on soon. The clear water at the confluence of the St. Regis River is now clearing the west side of the Clark Fork river for about 1/4 mile downstream where good dry fly fishing is available by wading or by driftboat. The last rain has not affected the clarity so far. Best of Luck to all of you. Donn Dale

Clark Fork River Outfitters Guide Training School

The Clark Fork River Outfitters guide training school is scheduled for September 29th to October 9th. We have a very high success rate for graduates finding work as flyfishing guides in the US, Canada, and South America. We have been teaching professional fly fishing guides for 22 years from the fishing camp near St. Regis, Montana. We provide meals, lodging, transportation, all needed equipment, and personal instruction on the river and in classroom environments. We are celebfrating our 22nd year with special gifts and fishing equipment this year. The school is open to fly fishers of all levels of expertise. Check our website at for more detailed information and photos.

Montana Flyfishing on Clark Fork River downstream from Missoula, Mt.

The Clark Fork River downstream from Missoula, Montana, next to Clark Fork River Outfitters is getting close to being ready for a season of great flyfishing. The river is now at half of the peak volume and is running near 20,000 CFS and has cleared considerably in this lower section of the Clark Fork River. It is going down rapidly and the fish will be feeding vigorously soon. Yesterday there were Yellow Sallies (a small golden stonefly} Pale Morning Duns (a yellow mayfly), and Caddis flies. With the volume of water this year we will have wonderful dry fly fishing all season long. Hoppers will be coming in a few weeks with Gray Drakes and large golden stoneflys as well. Clark Fork River Outfitters is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

August 2013 Fishing Report

Fishing from the Clark Fork River Outfitters Lodge on the lower Clark
Fork River is now done in the morning and early afternoon due to the
12:00 am to 2:00 pm restriction. Hatches of PMD’s, Tricothodes, and
caddis are coming off in the mid morning hours where good numbers of
cutthroat and rainbows are caught using parachute purple haze, Pink,
Purple and Red Morrish hoppers with rubber legs, Royal Wulffs, and
Beadhead Purple Prince nymphs in size 16. Put the nymph dropper about
three feet off the bend of the floating fly. Size 12 in the floating
flies seems to work the best now. Smaller parachute purple haze in size
16 and 18 also can produce fish in the earliest part of the day. Each
day the mornings are getting slightly cooler and the fishing is
improving as well. We are now looking foreward to the Fall days of
cooler weather when we have the Clark Fork River Outfitters 12 day Fly
Fishing Guide Training School in the second week of October. Here’s to
cloudy days and cooler temps! Donn Dale

A Rainy Day of Fishing The Clark Fork River near Saint Regis, Montana on June 25th, 2013

It was a day predicted for a 30% chance of rain. It turned out to be 100%.  We were drenched in rain as the hatches kept coming and the rainbow and cutthroat trout on the Clark Fork River near St. Regis, Montana came out of hiding. It was dry fly fishing with pale morning duns and trout were constantly on our fly lines from morning until dark. It was a memorable day for the Clark Fork River to say the least. We fished the Clark Fork River from St. Regis to Ferry Landing in a georgeous 14 mile stretch of water in a mackenzie boat from Clark Fork River Outfitters Lodge. There were many 16″ to 18″ trout in both cutthroat and rainbows and all were caught on top of the water with size 14 PMD’s and some royal wulff flies as well. The rain came hard at times and then cleared off to a refreshing clean fresh smell of pine forest and new rain on the river. It was truly a day to cherish and remember.