“I attended the guide school at Clark Fork River Outfitters in June of 2008. I have been fly fishing for over 22 years and I wanted to learn how to guide fly fisherman and handle a mackenzie drift boat in large rivers. I accomplished this and much more. I enjoyed first rate meals and found the overall experience very insightful and rewarding in many ways. As students we worked with Donn Dale, the Head instructor, who is an unbelievably knowledgeable teacher. I taught fly fishing at Claremont College for 10 years and my training at the guide school gave me the confidence to become a professional fly fishing guide.”


“I had guided for 8 years prior to attending Donn Dale’s Guide School. Leaving the suburban life to pursue a dream and passion, wanting to be one of the “elite” in a male-dominated profession; it was obvious that I needed to step it up a notch. I researched guide schools for nearly three years. Most of which seemed to be just an opportunity to get together with other anglers, fish a bit and smoke cigars.

Clark Fork River Outfitters was the most extensive Guide Training School I found. I call it the “Ranger School” equivalent for fly fishing guides. I left the school confident in my knowledge and ability and landed my first job as a full-time fly fishing guide for a 5-star ranch almost immediately. Donn’s continued support after the completion of guide school has been an invaluable resource to which I can count on for advice or to lift my spirits.

Thank you, Donn. You will always hold a special place in my heart. “


“I recommend the guide training at Clark Fork River Outfitters for anyone interested if becoming a fly fishing guide, starting their own business or just wanting to be a better fly fisher. The training that I received at Clark Fork River Outfitters was indispensable, the hands on casting, tying, business book keeping and drift boat rowing were very hands on. The accommodations and meals were 4 star without a doubt. I have fly fished for twenty plus years and found every aspect of the two weeks of class new and informative. Anyone taking this class will be better equipped to not only join the ranks of fly fishing guides but even start their own guide business. “